The Guaranteed to Not Be Auto​-​Tuned LP

by P-Body

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This LP begins at sunrise, and ends at the peak of the full moon. It is a collection of songs that capture a time and a place for me emotionally, some very recent, and some almost a year ago. Some of these tracks are dense in arrangement and sound, others are simply one live track of vocals and guitar. 100% of the album was recorded through the built-in iPad microphone using the GarageBand application. No auto-tune was used in the entire process of creating and finishing this album. The finished LP (as well as all of my other work) has 0% auto-tune.


released December 25, 2013

99%-Me: iPad, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, snaps, claps, hair-comb, knives, tissue box, bowl of M&Ms, not-auto-tuned mediocre singing, weird mouth noises, Christmas ornament, etc.

1%-The Panda (My first collaborator): MacBook Keyboard Clicks

Sample of laughing people in "Glance" courtesy of

Special Thanks:
My family, classmates, teachers, friends, best-friends, enemies, worst enemies, sworn enemies, lovers, haters, acquaintances, everyone I've ever met. Everyone who's supported me over the years, and everyone who hasn't. Thanks!!!

Super Special Thanks:
The Panda, for being my awesome-rific first collaborator, and rocking out hardcore on those MacBook keys!



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P-Body New Jersey

P-Body is my musical solo project, where I basically sit down and make music that I've always wanted to listen to... But no one has ever made... So I have to make it myself. It's really fun.

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Track Name: Long Time (Yay Yay)
And I've been waiting a long, long, long time,
To see your shining eyes.
I can't take it no more,
My brain's about to explode.

And I wait for your ghost,
To take me back to home,
'Cause I can't feel my legs,
Can't feel my arms,
Can't feel my soul.

But I can walk alone,
And I can grab my cellular phone,
And I can tap that dial tone faster than
You can drive on chrome.

But I can never walk away
From every stupid word you say
It drives crazy and crazier,
Crazy until my brain can't take no more.

And I've been tired of all your lies,
Been tired of all your tales,
Been tired of everything that makes me crazy,
I go there.
But you can't take it away from me
'Cause I know what it just might be...
It might something you're looking for me to

I can take this world away from you...
Away from you...
Track Name: Glance
A glance
Beyond human sight
Into you
Into me
Into your light

Only a second
Less than so
Your glance
I can't let it go

A smile
Inside and out
And doubt

Only a second
Less than so
Your smile
I can't let it go

So little to say
So much to know
But I hold my tongue
I can't let it go
Will you slip away?
Away from me?
I wanna know...
I can't let you go.

And I can see every little detail
In you
In everything
And in you
And I love every little thing
About everything
About you...
About you

A laugh
A cherished cliche
Sugar to my ears
I sweetly hear it still
Even when I walk away

Only a second
Less than so
Your laugh
I can't let it go
Track Name: Raspberry Jelly
My torso is a canvas of scratches
After all of these lonely nights
Where sleep is not an option
And neither is holding you tight

Your sporadic sweetness
Still lingers on my tongue
That buries these words
Of a song not sung

I wish to be your world
Because you sure are mine
But instead the doubts run rampant
On my brain they still dine

We don't drink wine here
We don't drink anything
Except poison
And I'm so thirsty my dear
Can I drink you without fear
And die in peace?

Let's get out of here
Anywhere but here
Where passion is so distorted
Where only confusion comes clear

Please let me hold your heart
I wanna feel it's pulse
Without you turnin' away
Without you feeling repulsed

There's maudlin red dye in my eyes
I'm your catatonic schizo in a coma
Forever drowning in your soma

We don't drink wine here
We don't drink anything
Except poison
And I'm so thirsty my dear
Can I drink you without fear
And die in peace?

We don't drink wine here
We don't drink anything
Except poison
And I'm so thirsty my dear
Can I drink you without fear
And die in peace?

We don't drink wine here (We don't drink wine here!!!)
We don't drink anything (No no no no no no!!!)
Except poison (Poison!!! I've got the poison in my veins!!!)
And I'm so thirsty my dear (The poison in my veins!!!)
Can I drink you without fear (I drink you! Drink you! Without fear!)
And die in peace? (Die die die die die die die!!!)
Track Name: Rhino (featuring The Panda)
Smelling like refrigerated meat
1000 bodies lying in the street
They're making guns in the factories
Well that don't mean an awful lot to me

Carburetor on overdrive
Well it doesn't matter if you're dead
Or alive
You just won't win
You just can't win
You just won't win
You just can't win.

'Cause you're all dressed up with
Everywhere to go
But no one to go anywhere with.

I'm hyperventilating
As you pick another scab
Pick another scab
I'm bleeding
I'm bleeding
A cut from your stab

Hopelessly caring
It's what I do best
Now leave me alone
As I lie down to rest
Track Name: Too Late
I don't know what to think anymore
I'm losing my mind
I don't wanna wake up
I'm afraid of what I might find

You can't live remembering
What you're dying to forget
But I haven't
Forgotten you yet

No I haven't
Forgotten you yet

And I'm so tired of trying
To bring us back to life
When we passed away so suddenly
We died in endless strife

And all I ever wanted
Was for you to be my wife

Now the fires are blazing while
The ice age approaches
And the sun floats away
As the cold night
Encroaches upon us

And we're doomed now
And we're doomed now
And we're doomed now

But I won't let go of your hand
If you don't let go of mine
And if there's a cure to this haunting plague
Then I guess all we need is time
Yeah I guess all we need is time
Then I guess all we need is time
Track Name: Whatever
My pen is runnin' outta ink
And the pages wilt away
While I sit and try to think
Of another sad cliche
Like "I could die for you."
But the difference is I really could
And you know it's true
'Cause I know baby that you would too.

And I can't fall asleep at night
'Cause we're so far apart
Even though I see you in my dreams
And you live inside my heart
And now you sleep inside a temple
With no trouble at all
And all I wanna do is call

And hear your sweet voice whispering
To tell me that you're missing me
'Cause I just wanna be kissing you
And holding you all night you see

So please, please,
Come away with me...
We'll run away to Tennessee...
Where it's still warm...
But you're locked up in your dorm
And I'm still alone.
Track Name: Arguments
You make me cry
I will try
To let it go
I can't wait to
Argue again but...
What will we do when all we've got is just a...
Broken down car in...
The city of blinding lights?
Track Name: Please
Please don't leave me,
Oh, please don't leave me.
Please, please don't go,
You must know,
That everything's gone
Please don't go away from me,
I can't think of the words to say,
'Cause I'm so overwhelmed by your
Stare into my eyes you're so...
And I...
I'm lost without you so...
Please don't leave,
Don't go away,
Don't go away,
Don't go away,
Don't go away,
Don't go away,
Don't go away...
Don't leave.
Track Name: Full Moon
As dusking twilight pass us by,
Sun's hourglass run dry,
I can't help but feel secluded,
Without you by my side.

As I lay me down to sleep
Full Moon in the sky,
The one last thing we'll share,
Before we close our eyes.

Wretched pressure in my veins,
Blood that pumps for you remains,
Vespertine whispers fade,
Leave me fumbling in chains

Oh do I even have a heart?
Maybe yours may impart such an
Answer to my eager ears or
Tear my sanity apart.

Tears are just a shallow reminder,
That we're all just broken up liars,
But please, please, don't fret my dear
Don't worry because we can lie together, tonight,
And as we lay us down to sleep,
Full Moon in the sky, the one last thing we'll share
Before we close our eyes,
Is one another,
Each other,
And with that my love,
I bid you...